Why choose Little Angels Home Daycare? Our Mission

For nearly 25 years, we have been providing childcare for infants and  toddlers with safety and nurturing as our top priorities. We are  committed to providing your child with a loving and educational  environment, lots of support for positive development, and most  importantly plenty of love! We aim to give you peace of mind that your  unique little angel is being provided the highest quality of  individualized care.

Our Home

At Little Angels Home Daycare, we specialize in care for infants and  toddlers, so we've made sure that our home is clean, comfortable and  safe for your child. We use allergy filters, and have monitored fire and  burglary alarms. We have a non-smoking home, with no pets and no  swimming pool. All sleeping areas are personalized for comfort and  hygiene. For recreational activities, we have a wonderful, spacious back  yard as well as a separate playroom full of toys that cater to rapidly  developing young minds.

Our Services

Here, all supplies and food are provided, so you don't have to worry  about diapers or formula! If your child has specialty needs, you will  need to bring any required supplies and we will be happy to accommodate  them. We also strive to create a dynamic play schedule: indoor and  outdoor play, story and music time are part of our daily routine. Our  goal is to develop your child’s motor and language skills through  age-specific activities and exercises.